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October 2015 Secure Zone™ Newsletter

October 2015 “The Secure Zone” eNewsletter

“For hope is but the dream of those that wake.”Matthew Prior
Commercial Security:

Security cameras on the wallIs Your Business Disaster Ready?
Do you think your business could survive a flood, hurricane, fire or other type of natural disaster? The fact is that up to 25 percent of businesses that are forced into closure will never reopen after a weather-related disaster.


While there is no way to reduce the potential for a natural disaster, there are a number of steps that can be taken to help protect your business. Creating and sharing a disaster recovery plan with your business’s employees will help ensure everyone knows what to do when disaster strikes. Some of the best things to do to prepare for a disaster are:

Identify Potential Problems
Do you live near water? Are you in an area that is prone to wild fires? It’s important to consider each possible disaster and how likely it is to happen. This will help you figure out what you need to be prepared for.

Get to Know Your Insurance Policy
It’s important to figure out what coverage you have for certain disasters and what your deductibles are. There are some policies that don’t cover things such as floods or earthquakes. If you are in an area where this is a possibility, it’s essential to take note of this and purchase additional insurance.

Create Your Plan
Be sure that the plan you create for dealing with a disaster is understood by every employee within your business. It’s essential to have everyone on board when making this type of plan.
Test the Plan
Once you have created your emergency response plan, it’s essential to test it on a regular basis. Be sure that the issues you have identified are still relevant and that everyone knows what to do, especially new workers or employees.
Taking the time to plan for a disaster before it happens will give you the best chance possible of recovering successfully. Don’t take for granted that it has been years since an earthquake, hurricane or other disaster has struck – protect your investment by planning now.

Residential Security:

Miniature House With Lock and ChainTips to Stay Safe when You Live Alone
There are a number of benefits offered by living alone. You’re able to watch whatever you want on TV at any time and you certainly don’t have to worry about a roommate making a mess or eating your snacks.


However, there are also a number of safety risks present when you live alone. The good news is, with a bit of effort you can minimize these risks and ensure you are safe and sound in your home.
Install a Security System
One of the best ways to protect yourself, as well as your belongings, is to install a security system that includes monitoring. Even if you don’t resident in a high-crime area, you will have peace of mind knowing that someone is watching over you.
Get to Know Your Neighbors
This does not mean you have to plan weekly get-togethers, but it can be beneficial to at least get to know their names and phone numbers. Once you are acquainted with them, they will get to know your habits and be more aware if something is wrong.

Find Potential Security Risks
You can inspect your home yourself, but it would be best to call a security company to check for security weaknesses and safety issues. It’s a good idea to install deadbolt locks for all your doors and to ensure your window locks work properly. All exterior lights should work and there should not be shrubs or trees blocking your windows. When you take some time to evaluate the safety of your property, it will give you peace of mind knowing there are no potential points of entry for an intruder to break in.

Don’t Broadcast the Fact You Live Alone
There is no reason to tell the world via social media – or any other method – that you reside alone. Essentially that is just asking for trouble.
Regardless of if you just moved or have been in the same place for years, you should be vigilant at all times to protect your safety and your home. To ensure your safety, use the tips here and contact your local security provider.

Health Tip:

healthfz3 copyThe Health Trend: Apps with Health Related Features Top 165,000
The current Smartphone app craze has made many an app creator stand up, take notice and start prodigiously creating. As a result, there are literally millions of apps to choose from including games and organization apps to books and music apps. One industry that has definitely taken notice of this trend is the health industry with the total number of apps related to this topic reaching over 165,000.

These apps perform a number of different functions, from tracking health and calories burned to helping users diagnose their own medical ailments. Due to this saturation of apps, there are more and more people who are using them as a daily part of their lives, rather than just a novelty.

In the past two years, the number of health related apps for iOS users has more than doubled and the majority of these options are offered for free. Some of the most popular of these apps, with more than 10 million downloads include the MyFitnessPal’s Calorie counter and Endomondo, an exercise tracker. However, there are still 40 percent of these health related apps that have less than 5,000 downloads.
According to experts, these apps are the ‘wave of the future’ and have quite a bit to offer in terms of accessible health care and better health among the US population. Chances are, you have one or two of these apps downloaded right now – which is the growing trend with smartphone owners.

Gossip Alert:

new gossip logo frame copyArnold Schwarzenegger New Host for “Celebrity Apprentice”
As Donald Trump makes his bid for the White House, his replacement for “Celebrity Apprentice” has been named, and it is none other than Mister “Kindergarten Cop,” and “Terminator” himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger.


While there was originally talk of Trump cutting ties with the show in June when he announced his intentions for the White House, NBC made the decision to dump him for good after some offensive remarks were made by Trump in regard to Mexican immigrants.

While there were a number of names considered for this position, including George Lopez, the gig is officially Schwarzenegger’s, the former California governor. This came as a surprise for many, but according to the franchise, the newest season is poised for release in 2016-2017.

Tech Corner:

Tech cornerFinding Lost Belongings: New Websites Leads the Way
According to, a home burglary occurs every 15 seconds someplace in the U.S.A. On average, each break-in results in a financial loss that equals approx. $1,600. While you may have taken steps to protect your home or business – including the use of a home security system – there may still be instances when the bad guys come out on top. If you ever do fall victim to a burglary, chances are you want to take steps to get your stuff back.

Thanks to modern technology, there are a now a number of websites available that can help you hunt down your stolen belongings.

Prey: This is an app that was designed to help you find a stolen or lost tablet, laptop or phone. The app will help you locate these items by taking pictures from the camera on the device, screenshots from the computer or even wipe data remotely from the device. Prey is a type of software installed on your devices and then tracked with an online system. There is a free version as well as various pay versions available. (

Stolen Property: This is an international stolen property database. It allows users to report that their item has been stolen. You can also search the database to see if any device you are considering purchasing was stolen. (
Stolen Lost Found: Another online database offered to track, find and report found, lost or stolen property. (
Each of these sites is specifically designed to help you recover any item that has been stolen from you, or lost. Taking some initiative can help you recover items that are missing and may save you hundreds of thousands of dollars in terms of replacement costs.


Sean’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Trivia Question

Okay it’s time to get into the good stuff! For your chance to win either:

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In “The Village People,” which of the following was not one of their characters?

A. Biker
B. Cowboy
C. Fire Fighter
D. Sailor

Previous Month’s Rock n’ Trivia Question


Neil Young

Question: Where did Neil Young get the phrase “Rust Never Sleeps”?

A. A Turtle Wax ad
B. Devo (Answer)
C. Glenn Frey
D. An episode of M*A*S*H

To answer Sean’s Rock n’ Roll Trivia Question, send an email to:

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September 2015 Secure Zone™ Newsletter

September 2015 “The Secure Zone” eNewsletter

“Happiness is not a state to arrive at, but a manner of traveling.” –  Margaret Lee Runbeck
Commercial Security:

Security cameras on the wallThings to Consider When Choosing Exterior Security Lighting
Having a business can be a very rewarding and very stressful undertaking. As a business owner or manager, one of your major concerns should be the level of security you have in place. The first level of defense you should have is a monitored security system, which will help to monitor any activity that goes on inside and outside of your building, day or night.


Many security issues happen “after hours” so a properly configured security system will help safeguard and protect your property when you’re not there.

Another great way to protect the outside of your building is to add security lighting. Here are a few things you need to consider when trying to put in the best security lighting possible for your business.


Outdoor LightingA Burglar’s Mindset
The first thing you need to do when trying to put the right exterior security lighting in place is to imagine how a burglar will perceive your building. You want to try and cover any of the blind spots you have around the exterior of your building.

The fewer blind spots you have in your business, the easier it will be to deter would -be thieves. By putting yourself in the mindset of a thief, you will be better equipped to choose and position the lighting the right way.

Use Some Motion Sensors
Another very important thing you need to do when trying to protect the outside of your building with lighting is to use motion sensors. The use of motion sensors is a great way to catch a would-be robber and deter them with the element of surprise. Make sure you choose high-quality sensors for your property due to the danger that will arise from cheap sensors not working when you need them the most.

By having a properly configured security system in place, and a well thought out exterior lighting plan, you will be well on your way to making your business an impenetrable fortress.

Residential Security:

Miniature House With Lock and ChainYour Home Has Been Burglarized – Now What?
One of the worst things that a homeowner can experience is a burglary at their residence. This can make them feel vulnerable and unsafe in their own home. For the most part, a homeowner will not know what to do when it comes to what to do after they come into a home that has been burglarized.

In order to get the ball rolling, you will need to take swift action. The following are a couple of tips on what you need to do when your home has been robbed.
Home BurglaryGet the Authorities Involved
The first thing that you need to do when your home has been burglarized is contact the proper authorities. You need to make sure that you have the police come to your home so you can file a report. The faster you are able to get a report on record, the better your chance will be of getting your things back. The longer that you wait to get the authorities involved, the harder that it will be to recover the things that have been stolen from your home.

Bulk up Your Security
Once you have gotten your police report filed, the next thing that you need to think about is bulk up the security of your residence. You need to re-evaluate what type of security measures you have in place at your home and what you can do to increase their effectiveness. Be sure to use this bad experience as a way to see where your home is vulnerable and what you need to do to fix the weak spots.
By turning this negative experience into a positive, you will be able to take actions to prevent another burglary from taking place.


Health Tip:

healthfz3 copyBetter Mood, Safer Driving, & Increased Cognitive Ability & Athletic Performance – All Result from Getting Proper Sleep, Plus A Possible Connection Between Lack of Sleep & Alzheimer’s Disease

As a nation, the United States appears to be becoming more and more sleep deprived. And it may be our busy lifestyle that keeps us from getting proper sleep.


While naps do not necessarily make up for inadequate or poor quality nighttime sleep, a short nap of 20-30 minutes can help to improve mood, alertness and cognitive and athletic performance. Ninety percent of the human population takes a stimulant at some point during the day, usually caffeine. We do that to wipe out the normal mid-day sleep we would be getting.

We’d all benefit if people got more sleep. For one thing, there’d be fewer accidents. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) found in one survey that about 4 percent of Americans admitted to having fallen asleep while driving within the previous month. That’s a terrifying statistic.

NappingNapping Tips

  • A short nap is usually recommended (20-30 minutes) for short-term alertness. This type of nap provides significant benefit for improved alertness and performance without leaving you feeling groggy or interfering with nighttime sleep.
  • Your sleep environment can greatly impact your ability to fall asleep. Make sure that you have a restful place to lie down and that
  • The temperature in the room is comfortable. Try to limit the amount of noise heard and the extent of the light filtering in. While some studies have shown that just spending time in bed can be beneficial, it is better to try to catch some zzz’s.
  • If you take a nap too late in the day, it might affect your nighttime sleep patterns and make it difficult to fall asleep at your regular bedtime. If you try to take it too early in the day, your body may not be ready for more sleep.

Researchers Uncovered a Possible Connection Between Sleep and Alzheimer’s Disease

New research from the University of Rochester in New York, suggests that sleep may help promote something called glymphatic clearance. All the cells in your body throughout the day have metabolic byproducts that are toxic if they accumulate too much. We have a lymphatic system in our body that clears out those toxins, but not in the brain. In the brain we have the glymphatic system. When we’re awake, the brain goes about having various degrees of metabolic activity and lays waste in the cellular spaces outside the neurons. When we’re sleeping, the cells in our brain [particularly the non-neuronal glial cells] shrink a little bit. That makes extra cellular space that the brain can then flush with cerebral spinal fluid, essentially flushing out all those toxins.

One of those toxins is beta amyloid, which is one of the accumulated toxins in Alzheimer’s disease. This is all still very new, but the idea that a function of sleep is essentially to flush out toxins is really exciting and is being researched.


Gossip Alert:

new gossip logo frame copyFamous Napping Celebrities

Here are several famous folks who napped regularly:

  • Leonardo da Vinci took multiple naps a day and slept less at night.
  • The French Emperor Napoleon was not shy about taking naps. He indulged daily.


Napoleon napping

  • Though Thomas Edison was embarrassed about his napping habit, he also practiced his ritual daily.
  • Eleanor Roosevelt, the wife of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, used to boost her energy by napping before speaking engagements.


  • Gene Autry, “the Singing Cowboy,” routinely took naps in his dressing room between performances.
  • President John F. Kennedy ate his lunch in bed and then settled in for a nap—every day!
  • Oil industrialist and philanthropist John D. Rockefeller napped every afternoon in his office.
  • Winston Churchill’s afternoon nap was a non-negotiable. He believed it helped him get twice as much done each day.
  • President Lyndon B. Johnson took a nap every afternoon at 3:30 p.m. in order to break his day up into “two shifts.”

Though criticized for it, President Ronald Reagan famously took naps as well.


Tech Corner:

Tech cornerSelf Driving Cars No Longer a Thing of the Future

Self-driving cars are no longer a futuristic idea. Companies like Mercedes, BMW, and Tesla have already released, or are soon to release, self-driving features that give the car some ability to drive itself.


Tech companies are also trying to pioneer the self-driving car. Recently, Google announced that it would be testing its prototype of a driverless car on roads this summer in California. The original plan was to create a car that was completely driverless, but California introduced some new rules this year that stipulated that test cars must also have manual controls (steering, pedals) so that a human driver can take over if needed.

Self Driving CarGoogle’s self driving cars are designed to navigate safely through city streets. They have sensors designed to detect objects as far as two football fields away in all directions, including pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles—or even fluttering plastic shopping bags and rogue birds. The software processes all the information to help the car safely navigate the road without getting tired or distracted.


If all goes well, Google hopes to partner with a real car maker to bring a self-driving vehicle to market in the next five years. Whether the commercialized driverless car will look like the overly cutesy Google prototype remains to be seen.


Sean’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Trivia Question

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Neil Young

Question:  Where did Neil Young get the phrase “Rust Never Sleeps”?

                                          A. A Turtle Wax ad

B. Devo

C. Glenn Frey

D. An episode of M*A*S*H

Previous Month’s Rock n’ Trivia Question

Question:  What did the band Blondie name themselves after?

Answer: Hitler’s dog, Blondi.

To answer Sean’s Rock n’ Roll Trivia Question, send an email to:

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August 2015 Secure Zone™ Newsletter

August 2015 “The Secure Zone” eNewsletter

“Happy are those who dream dreams and are ready to pay the price to make them come true.” –  Leon J. Suenes
Commercial Security:

Security cameras on the wallBenefits of Installing a Keypad Lock for Your Business

When you install a lock for your business, your goal is to keep the property secure while you are away. As a result of business owners demanding new, more effective methods of securing their businesses, the security industry offers a number of different types of locks. Some of the most common include:

  • Cam locks
  • Padlocks
  • Combination locks
  • Deadbolt locks
  • Traditional key locks

Another option, which can enhance the security of a business further than the traditional locks is a keypad lock.

Commercial_doorpad-securityKeypad locks work without a key. In order to gain access to a building, the person has to enter the proper numerical combination. The keypad on these locks is similar to what is found on a telephone or calculator. When the correct pin is entered, the door unlocks. There are quite a few benefits offered by keypad locks over other options, which are found here.


  • Higher level of security: There are no cylinders, so they are unable to be bumped or picked like conventional locks. There are also no keys to be lost
  • A smarter security option: There are some keypad locks that can be scheduled to only open during certain times. This will limit access even to those who have the pin.
  • Easy to install: There are no major adjustments needed to install this type of lock. They are a standalone unit which means there is no need to wire in the door to make them work.

If you are looking for a better way to secure your property, then you should consider the benefits offered by a keypad lock. They can provide peace of mind for any property.

Residential Security:

Miniature House With Lock and ChainImportant Information about Home Security Cameras

As technology increases, so do the options for keeping a home safe. One option for enhancing your home and your family’s safety is to install security cameras. These cameras are designed to monitor home activity and help to deter a break-in.
Prior to purchasing a security camera, you should understand the options that are available.
Residential_BulletcamTypes of Security Cameras
When selecting a security camera for protecting your home, you need to find one that meets your specific needs. To determine this, think about the type of home you have and how the cameras will be used. Some of the most common types of security cameras include:

  • Dome: Spin quickly in the surroundings and are not supposed to be seen.
  • Bullet: Mounted to a specific point in a certain area and mostly used indoors.
  • Infrared vision: Will capture images even when extremely dark.
  • Day/Night: Used mostly on the exterior of homes, these cameras will adapt to the lighting around them.
  • Varifocal: Will allow the operators to focus and zoom into images.

Features of Security Cameras
Once you have selected a type of security camera, you should assure it offers the features that you need. Some features you should remember when trying to purchase security cameras include:

  • Ability to view the footage remotely
  • Sensors that are motion activated
  • Quality resolution
  • Night vision
  • DVR hard drive to record events or certain periods of time

When you find cameras offering these specific features, it will help to enhance the quality offered by your home’s surveillance system. When it comes to keeping your home and family safe, it is essential to find a security camera that meets your needs.

Health Tip:

healthfz3 copyTips for Securing Your Medicine Cabinets

Items inside of your medicine cabinet, such as daily medications, vitamins and antiseptics, can cause quite a bit of harm if they are found in the wrong hands – experimental teens, forgetful seniors or even young children.
Also, prescription medications and painkillers are usually high on a burglar’s “shopping” list.

In order to prevent any type of lethal accident or theft, you need to ensure your medicine cabinet is secure.
Health_medicine-cabinetInventory and Organize
When you organize your medicine cabinet, you will be able to keep up with the medications in your home and how much is present. When it comes to medicine cabinet safety, organization is a key component.

  • Discard unneeded medication.
  • Only use the original containers for pills and other medications so you know exactly what they are for and who they are for.
  • Use a color coding system to keep different people’s medications separate.


Medicine Cabinet Safety and Kids
Kids are naturally curious. They like to wander around and explore various nooks and crannies in your home. In 2012, over 64,000 children were seen and treated in a hospital because of medicine poisoning. To prevent his from happening in your home be sure to:

  • Keep all medications out of the reach of children
  • Use bottles and containers that are child-resistant
  • Keep any emergency numbers nearby just in case of an accidental ingestion

Medicine Cabinet Safety and Seniors
While children may be your primary concern, the elderly may also need to be kept from accessing a medicine cabinet. While forgetfulness goes along with aging, there are steps that can prevent them from taking medication that is not their own, or medication in doses that are too high.

One way to prevent overdoses in seniors is to organize their daily medication. Purchase the daily dividers and put all their medication for one day inside. Doing this will prevent them from taking too much of a particular drug.

Medicine Cabinet Security and Thieves
Up to 51 percent of all burglaries are committed as a means for a person to get more drugs. Try to keep all your prescription drugs and painkillers in a secure location, such as a locked medicine cabinet. This will help prevent the drugs from getting into the hands of a criminal.

Thanks to modern technology, there are now a number of sensors that can be purchased to let you know if any unauthorized party has accessed the medicine cabinet. These alerts can be directed to a smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC.

Gossip Alert:

new gossip logo frame copyCan You Guess The Celeb That Owns This INTENSELY Organized Fitness Closet?

SELF magazine recently did an article showcasing the fitness closet of a particular reality TV star. This closet is incredible and would make any exercise enthusiast jealous!
The 150-square foot space has every Nike product you can think of:


  • Gossip_Celebrity-ClosetShoes
  • Wristbands
  • Sports bras
  • Shorts
  • Leggings
  • Tops

All organized to absolute perfection. The space offers a glass case display for accessories, a suede-lined shelf that displays head and wrist bands, sunglasses, and hair ties, and LED lighting so the case lights up with the flip of a switch. This exercise shrine even has a fridge filled with Fiji water!
Can you guess whose closet this is?

Well, it’s none other than Khloe Kardashian’s! But the designer of this immaculate closet is Lisa Adams, CEO and Designer of LA Closet Design. So, if you’re looking for something similar to house your exercise threads, call Lisa.

Tech Corner:
Tech cornerHow Geofencing can Make Your Home Smarter

Smart phones, smart devices and now, smart houses. While this is not necessarily a new concept, it is one becoming more and more mainstream. From automated security systems and convenience features, there are a number of ways to make your home “smart.”


Tech_GeofencingGeofencing allows you to define various geographical barriers and then associate these barriers with specific automation actions. Essentially, it is a virtual boundary, where you can control almost anything related to your home in terms of electronics, appliances and security.

The technology can be used to set up a type of simulated field around your home, or even your neighborhood.

Now, you may be wondering what the benefit of this is?

When Geofencing is set up properly it will provide you with mobile alerts and allow you to manage household equipment. Some of the features include:

  • Know when loved ones come into or leave a specific area
  • Arm or disarm your security system
  • Adjust your cooling and heating units
  • Activate lights
  • Control your video surveillance

When you install a geofence you can sync your thermostat, security system, appliances and lights so they come on or become activated during certain times of the day, according to your family’s schedule. It can even provide automatic adjustments as family members exit or enter the set limits, as well.

No longer do you have to worry or wonder if you left the oven on or forgot to turn up the AC. You can arrive home late at night to a well-lit and safer home. This is beneficial for any size home, in any location and is a type of technology that will likely be mainstream in the very near future.

Our Services:

We offer a wide-range of Commercial and Residential Security Services that include:

  • Video Surveillance
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Access Control
  • Biometrics
  • Intercoms/Paging

If you need immediate assistance or information on any of our services, please email: or call: (518) 708-6298.

Sean’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Trivia Question

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A $10 Dunkin’ Donut Gift Card
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Question:  What did the band Blondie
name themselves after?

Previous Month’s Rock n’ Trivia Question

Question:  What guitar player played lead on the Beatles
“While My Guitar Gently Weeps?”
Answer: Eric Clapton

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