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When I worked for a corporate TV and Security provider I knew how frustrating calling into customer service and dealing with pushy, high pressure salesman could be. I decided to change that by creating a family oriented security business… no more high pressure sales and outsourced customer service call centers. I took  what little saving my wife and I had at the time and headed to NYC to receive the required training to be a NYS licensed security installer. Once I finished my training it was off to get fingerprinted and a background check, then to the capital building in Albany to take the test to prove I knew my stuff. Since receiving my license two years ago my wife, our two young boys, and I have been busy as could be telling everyone our story and making the world safer one home and business at time.


Meet the family… My wife Farrah, my two sons Nolan and Emerick and of course me Sean.



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Sean, Farrah, and Nolan

(Husband, Wife, and Big Brother.)


(Big Brother)


(Little Brother)