January 2018 ” The Secure Zone” eNewsletter

January 2018 ” The Secure Zone” eNewsletter

“Winning isn’t everything, but wanting to win is. “- Vince Lombardi


Preventing Business Burglaries at Night

While homes are more likely to be broken into during the day, because no one is home, businesses are more likely to be broken into at night. The same logic applies here. At night, no one is usually at businesses, and it is dark, giving nefarious individuals “cover.” If you want to protect your business, make sure to use the tips here.


Implement Video Monitoring

With video monitoring, you can keep an eye on your business – even when you aren’t there. One of the most effective ways to not only deter, but also catch, criminals is by installing quality surveillance cameras throughout the property. Some areas to install cameras include:

  • The buildings perimeter
  • Near doors and windows
  • Inside near cash registers, inventory rooms and safes

Make sure to choose a video surveillance system that provides remote access to the video feed. This allows you to see what is going on, anytime and from any location.

Install Monitored Alarms

When selecting an alarm system, a key factor to keep in mind is the monitoring center it offers. Specifically, make sure to ask about the off-hours monitoring, or other times when you may not be around.

With a monitored alarm, you can feel confident that if a person were to break into your property, a signal would be sent to the monitoring service and the proper authorities would be dispatched. You can even hook up the system to your mobile device to receive notifications if the alarm is triggered.

Nighttime can lead to quite a bit of nefarious activity. However, if you implement the tips and tools here, you can safeguard yourself and your business.



What to Look for When Shopping for Home Security Monitoring

If you have decided it is time to install a home security system, you have also likely noticed that there are more than a few companies out there providing these services. Many of them are going to offer monitoring, which is a must-have for superior protection.

However, the question is, which monitoring service is the best, and how do you choose? Here you can learn what factors to consider to ensure you choose the right alarm and monitoring service for your needs.

Monitoring Quality

There are two options when selecting a monitoring center:

  • In-house monitoring: This is provided by the security company you use.
  • Third-party monitoring: This is outsourced by your selected security company and provided by an off-site monitoring center.

Both of these options provide basic monitoring tasks. They can both send notifications of an emergency or alarm, but that is where the similarities end.

The personalization and customer service factor are what sets these two services apart. An in-house monitoring center is able to route any customer inquiries to the proper personnel. A third-party service can’t do this.

Operators and Training of the Monitor Center Employees

Training is extremely important for any monitoring service. After all, these operators are going to be responsible for people’s property and lives. You should make sure the operators are trained in the following areas:

  • Use of the automation software
  • Information accuracy
  • Customer service
  • Urgent situations
  • Fire alarm and burglar alarm industry

One of the best things you can do when selecting an alarm and monitoring service for your home is to speak with other customers. They can provide invaluable insight regarding the company, services and more.


Increase Security with High Tech Gadgets in 2018

If you have made one of your New Year’s resolutions to increase the security at your home or business, then you will be excited to read the information here. The fact is, thanks to innovative technology, there are now more security gadgets than ever before, all with the sole purpose of increasing your security.

Some of the items you should consider installing in your home or business this year are found here.

HD Security Cameras

A security camera is the ideal gift for anyone who wants to keep an eye on their home. Regardless of if you are monitoring the inside or outside, quality, HD cameras are a great way to increase your visibility. Some of the most popular types of cameras available today include:

  • Outdoor entryway cameras
  • Indoor cameras
  • Doorbell cameras

Smart Locks

A smart lock is the perfect option for anyone who may be a bit forgetful. When you eliminate the need for a key, you can lock and unlock your home using your smartphone.

Additionally, these locks provide you information about who is coming and going, and the times they use the door. You can customize the security system to send mobile alerts if anyone tries to tamper with the door, as well.

Smart Lighting

Another great option that will increase your security and help you save energy is smart lighting. With this technology, you can control the lights in your home using your smartphone. With smart lighting you can:

  • Help prevent break-ins by making it look as though your home
  • Help you conserve energy while saving money
  • Be able to access the lights using your device

When it is time to secure your home, you can’t go wrong with the tech-based applications here. The New Year is the best to invest in these new security technologies.


Tips to Help You Stick to Your New Year’s Resolution to Lose Weight

Each year, people around the country make commitments to themselves to change something. One of the most popular New Year’s resolutions is to lose weight. If you want to succeed this year, then all you need to do is use the tips found here.


  • Create goals you can accomplish. Small goals are easier to reach than large ones. Set ongoing, small goals until you reach your desired weight.
  • Make a vision board of what you want to achieve. This is a great way to visualize the change you want to make.
  • Make sure that you implement meal prep as part of your weight loss routine. When you put time and effort into eating right, you will find it is much easier to stick to your plan.
  • Exercise on a regular basis. Exercise has to be a part of your daily routine. If you don’t exercise, you will just be spinning your wheels.
  • Mistakes are going to happen. You will cheat, go off the eating plan and not exercise from time to time. Don’t stop everything because of a small setback, be committed to just keep going.

With these tips in mind, you will be able to finally reach your weight loss goals in 2018.


Celebrity New Year’s Resolutions

If you are like most people, you likely make resolutions in the New Year to lose weight, get organized and take other steps for a new, improved you. Celebrities make New Year’s resolutions, as well. Learn about some of the ones your favorite celebrities have made, here.

  • Tessa Thompson: Drink more water.
  • Sabrina Carpenter. Continue working toward her goals and not to take life too seriously.
  • Take more breaks and chill out.
  • Fall Out Boy. Eat more pizza.
  • Andy Grammer. Meditate daily.

There you have it. Celebrities aren’t so different than everyone else, and they have real goals to meet and improve themselves just like everyone else.

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